Monday, September 8, 2008

Where there is friendship, there is Scrabble

I am not sure how to begin stamping out this blog. I am assured that only a smattering of friends and family will even care about what I post. But, I open with an olive branch to a few, more seasoned, bloggers in my crew.

While others here will lure you with awesome Scrabble scores, I submit this board as evidence of a past game. It was a light game, played with no less than a bottle of red zin.

Back to "The Blog":

How in the heck do you get this ball rolling? How much and how true should you be when all the world can access your words?

Should one go commando while blogging or maintain a little mystery?


spinster girl said...

Is this a secret?

Blog in the Ointment said...

No way...just waiting to get my groove. Secret. HA! There are no secrets in the Blog-o-sphere.

TTHBTK said...

Welcome to the blogwagon! Oh...and...yeah...that reminds me. When are we going to play this game of which you speak? What do they call it? Scribble? Scrabble?

spinster girl said...

Oh, I've still got a few secrets. Trivia is really my forte.

Deadpan Alley said...

Hello! I just stumbled upon this lovely new blog! ;)

daisybones said...

I say go commando and wear a short skirt, but use a fake name:)

Welcome to Blogtopia. I baked you some brownies.