Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Savage Love

While fulfilling my thrice weekly obligation at the gym, I listened to the newest episode of Savage Lovecast. If you have yet to embrace Dan Savage in podcast form, start downloading now. I used to read his column in Salon, but now I get all the tips, indulge my inner gossip and hear the filthy language for free!
I find myself agreeing with him more and more. He is acutely tuned into the psychodrama of both hetero and homo couplings, he has a brilliant bullshit meter, and he uses plain, frank language to describe various instruments of doom. Moreover, he is great at making anal sex sound like fun.
I think his advice for hetero couples is as good as his offerings to his comrades in gay relationships.
Hip Hip Hooray.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

We have reached critical mass here, people. I need to whip my body into shape. I hate being so fat and giggly. While my mind is still expanding and contracting from all the great stuff I learned about at the NASHP conference these past 3 days, the every-two-hour feeding frenzy they had us on was crazy. Tampa re-energized me for work. But, I must have gained 5 pounds. Seriously. It was breakfast, break, lunch, break, dinner: for 3 days.

And, I drank 3 nights in a row...which hasn't been done by this cowgirl in many years. Plus, they served a desert at each meal. It was 7 layer bars one lunch, tarts at dinner, key lime pie the next dinner, and pound cake with whipped cream and berries at the final luncheon. Holy Christ - I was freaking out like Augustus Gloop in the Chocolate Factory. I tore it up. I considered eating the ones on my table where nobody was sitting. That damned tart was tasty. And, at each lunch we had these homemade potato chips. Damn, damn , damn! Damn all the [chips] that ever were. (Sorry Lorraine Hansberry.)

Ok, enough. I will spare you more confessions of a junk food junkie. But, I am going to be that girl...the one you see walking with a skirt and tennis shoes on her 15 minute break. New Balance...Start Walking. I have the tube socks ready.