Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

We have reached critical mass here, people. I need to whip my body into shape. I hate being so fat and giggly. While my mind is still expanding and contracting from all the great stuff I learned about at the NASHP conference these past 3 days, the every-two-hour feeding frenzy they had us on was crazy. Tampa re-energized me for work. But, I must have gained 5 pounds. Seriously. It was breakfast, break, lunch, break, dinner: for 3 days.

And, I drank 3 nights in a row...which hasn't been done by this cowgirl in many years. Plus, they served a desert at each meal. It was 7 layer bars one lunch, tarts at dinner, key lime pie the next dinner, and pound cake with whipped cream and berries at the final luncheon. Holy Christ - I was freaking out like Augustus Gloop in the Chocolate Factory. I tore it up. I considered eating the ones on my table where nobody was sitting. That damned tart was tasty. And, at each lunch we had these homemade potato chips. Damn, damn , damn! Damn all the [chips] that ever were. (Sorry Lorraine Hansberry.)

Ok, enough. I will spare you more confessions of a junk food junkie. But, I am going to be that girl...the one you see walking with a skirt and tennis shoes on her 15 minute break. New Balance...Start Walking. I have the tube socks ready.


spinster girl said...

Let's do it together! I'm ready! I revisited (and revised) my profile at Spark People (which is a really great and FREE) resource. I am not a bot.

Tina said...

SPEAKING of "the road," I'm so totally psyched about our trip to Canada!!!