Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bring Out the Gimp

Arg. Piss. Dammit.

We listened to the debate via streaming audio/video. I really wanted to be there. But I was not. I was in my home - gathered around the computer since we don't have cable. I so miss the time in my life where I actually contributed, rather than yelling from the sidelines. Alas...tonight was not a victory for The Mountains. I really feel that Don Blankcheck is an easy mark. He is not well spoken and he is a moving target for deceit, abuse and corruption. Did Bobby knock it out of the park? No he did not, fans. He gave impassioned debate that fell short and sounded more like Al Gore rhetoric than a Kennedy-worthy event.

I just want to stew in it. My anger. My disappointment. It could have been so easy to relate to West Virginians. But, once you correct ole Don's speech patterns - you get more folk on his side. Bad call, Bobby. You should have left that misspeak chuckle to the 10 people in the auditorium that caught it!

For now, the bits of sound bytes will be torn a part and dissected. I'm hoping that a few good clips raise some awareness and consciousnesses. If not, we are no worse than we were before.
Certainly no better off.

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spinster girl said...

And it was all brought to you by Robinson & McElwee PLLC. Well, in part...