Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fish and Chips and Everything Nice

Vaughn hand-cut, hand-battered and hand-breaded (a lot of hand, I know) cod fillets and freshly peeled potato tonight. He fried it all in oil and lightly salted his crispy treats. No malted vinegar - but a spritz of lemon wasn't bad.

Since it took roughly 2 hours to do this and I was hungry at 6ish...I ended up eating TWICE!

Oh, yeah. His sick ploy to win our contest was to wait until after I had eaten a very healthy and yummy portion of spaghetti (homemade sauce chock full of veggies) and then serve me a few pieces of fish and some frites. WHO can turn down freshly fried potato?

Alas...if I possessed an inking of will power, this would not be an issue.

Lucky for him yesterday was the one year anniversary of his marriage proposal. Does this look like a girl who could get mad at a boy for making fish and chips?


Deadpan Alley said...

I love the picture!!

spinster girl said...

Ah, me too!